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Lab Members

Current Lab Members

Lab Alumni

Postdocs & Graduate Students

SNF Postdoctoral Fellow

Lena van Giesen

current Associate Professor at Norwegian University of Science and Technology

NRSA Predoctoral Fellow

Keiko Weir

current Research Analyst at

Dicerna Pharmaceuticals

NSF Postdoctoral Fellow

Patric Vaelli

current Research Scientist at
Harvard Medical School

Research Assistants

Research Assistant

Corie Grewal

current graduate student at Duke University

Research Assistant

Jerusha Brendel

current Research Associate at

Arkuda Therapeutics

Research Assistant

Christina Liu

current Laboratory Manager at

Dr. Thomas Look Lab, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Research Assistant

Stephanie Krueger

current Graduate Student at University of Chicago


Harvard University

Isabella Shaw

Julia London

Braxton Marion

Selorna Ackuayi

Sophia Montgomery

Northeasten University COOP Program

Rachel Lines

Charlotte Heacock

Allie Nowicki

Nicole Mongillo

Abigail Moulton

Allison Shupp

Christopher Ammann

Jeremy Green

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