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Wendy Valencia Montoya


I am an evolutionary biologist interested in understanding the role of specialized sensory cues in the evolution of mutualisms, particularly pollination mutualisms between insects and plants. As a grad student in the Pierce and Bellono labs, I study heat and scent perception of beetle pollinators of ancient thermogenic plants.



Universidad CES


University of Cambridge, University of Groningen


Université de Montpellier


Harvard University

B.S. Biology
Summa cum laude
Biología CES-EIA Group

M. Sc. Ecology and Evolution
Jiggins Lab, University of Cambridge
Erasmus Mundus Master Fellowship in Evolutionary Biology (MEME)
Holland Fellowship

M. Sc. Evolutionary Biology
Cheptou & Fontaine Labs
Erasmus Mundus Master Fellowship in Evolutionary Biology (MEME)

Ph.D. Candidate in Organismic and Evolutionary Biology

Museum of Comparative Zoology

Fulbright Fellowship

Ashford Fellowship in the Sciences

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